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antimicrobial solutions for innovative materials and products.

Bio-Gate is a medical technology company that employs unique silver technology to endow materials and products with antimicrobial properties. The focus of the product portfolio is medical technology products. Our different technologies are also used to refine cosmetics, consumer goods and industrial products.

Bio-Gate technology is based on the antimicrobial activity of silver ions. The company employs only pure metallic silver. Bio-Gate uses two different technologies. In the first, silver particles are incorporated into cosmetics, paints, veneers or plastics. The second involves coating final products – such as implants or wound dressings – with a silver-containing functional layer.

Both technologies use extremely small particles of silver, to ensure that as many silver ions as possible are released. The particles used are small, spongy and porous, which promotes silver ion release. Another advantage is that particle structure allows very precise dosage and sustained effects.

The aim of nanotechnology is to change the properties of substances by reducing the size of their particles. Free nanoparticles make ointments creamier, sausage pinker, surfaces water-repellent or render materials that were originally soft harder than steel. This is not what Bio-Gate does.
We exploit silver’s natural antimicrobial activity to refine products. Our coating technology uses particles that are as small as those used in nanotechnology, so that the original properties of the coated products are unchanged. There is no risk from free nanoparticles, as only an extremely small number of the finest silver particles are firmly bound to the surface of the product. When silver is added to plastics, paints or cosmetics, the “microsilver” particles are much larger than nanoparticles. They are embedded in the mass and are not present as free nanoparticles.

Products refined by Bio-Gate are officially certified. This is the difference between our company and low-cost Asian producers. Some products undergo approval, test and certification phases that can last from a few months to several years. Bio-Gate customers are global players and not infrequently the market leaders in their branch. Tests are performed for these customers until all conceivable risks have been excluded.
Bio-Gate products protect your health – your most important possession.