Bio-Gate wins funding project for antimicrobial HyProtect-coated revision hip endoprostheses

Bio-Gate wins funding project for antimicrobial HyProtectTM-coated revision hip endoprostheses

Cooperation with Peter Brehm GmbH and the University Hospital Ulm

Nuremberg (Germany), July 31st, 2017 – Bio-Gate AG (ISIN DE000BGAG981) is a leading provider of antimicrobial products and multifunctional surface coatings for the medical device industry.  Bio-Gate has once again been awarded another government funding project. In collaboration with the German medical technology company Peter Brehm GmbH (Weisendorf/Bavaria) and the Institute of Orthopaedic Research and Biomechanics at the Center for Trauma Research at the University of Ulm (ZTF) Bio-Gate will jointly conduct a preclinical animal study to examine the application of the antimicrobial HyProtectTM -coating on artificial implants.

The focus of this project is on revision hip endoprostheses. These are used, when a joint prosthesis must be replaced, for example, after loosening of the implant or due to an infection. The Bio-Gate HyProtectTM-coating can help to reduce the bacterial colonization on the implant surface, and thereby reduces the potential risk for reinfections. This coating has already been successfully used for several years in veterinary medicine.

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is promoting and supporting the cooperation between all three partners with a high six-figure EURO amount. Due to the cooperation with Peter Brehm GmbH, one of the market leaders in this field, and the renowned University of Ulm, Bio-Gate anticipates an accelerated market entry for the HyProtectTM-coating. The project will run until 2019. The aim is to demonstrate in an animal study, that HyProtect™-coated implants exhibit excellent osseointegration under mechanical load without any restrictions.  The generated data will be used during the regulatory product approval process.  Once approved, the products of Peter Brehm GmbH will be offered with Bio-Gate’s HyProtect™ coating.

Marc Lloret-Grau, CEO of Bio-Gate AG: „This project will enable us to apply our HyProtect™ coating to additional endoprosthetic products and further our collaborations with other renowned partners and ultimately allow us to expand our market.”

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